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Unified Application Management

With API-driven technology Access Capture allows you to automatically package, test and publish applications, helping reduce high IT costs, decreasing packaging and testing time from days to minutes, and optimising the resources you already have.


API-driven technology creates industry leading flexibility.


Increase quality of packaging and testing.


Continuous support to ensure Access Capture scales, and evolves.

What is Access Capture​?

Automating the Ordinary to Transform Efficiency

Manual app packaging and testing is repetitive, resource-intensive task, particularly when undertaking major IT initiatives, such as implementing DaaS or switching to a Modern Desktop.

Cost reduction

85% reduction in app packaging & testing costs

Our industry leading flexibility, and hassle-free implementation, can create an 85% reduction in app packaging and testing costs, whilst dramatically decreasing the inefficiencies seen in global enterprises.

Capture AppScan

A customised, faster way to scan apps

Scan your organisations entire software repository, for any format, giving you a detailed understanding of what the software contains, helping you prioritise the suitability of applications to ensure you can get them into a modern format. Cut-down planning by as much as 70% – so you can identify what apps are being used, or if there are any blockers that need to be addressed, helping streamline your entire packaging process.
  • Analyse usage of apps within an environment.
  • Identify dependencies (office, Java etc.).
  • Suitability of each app for upgrade to modern format.
For more info on AppScan module see the Access IT Automation AppScan detail page.

Capture Discovery

Make the Complex Simple

Using multiple environments you can streamline long-winded, outdated installation process, whilst ensuring documentation is accurate. Access Captures’ Discovery module gives you.
  • The ability to self-service robust documentation file that could be automated into a package.
  • Automatically gather software package installation details and documentation, in a consistent and repeatable way.
  • Utilise our simple UI to allow both technical and non-technical employees to create a standard package and document in a variety of formats, while only running when needed to minimise costs.
  • Flexibility to produce various documentation.
To read what else can Discovery module do for you see the Discovery detail page.

Capture Packaging

A customised, faster way to package apps

Packaging feature of Access Capture can help you eliminate human error, giving you a scalable option that can create as many as 1,500 MSI packages in 3 days automatically.
  • Creation of an MSI, AppV, MSIX, AppVolumes, AppAttach package.
  • Eliminate human error, semi auto job VM management side, automated MSI creation means anyone can do this, allowing us to be flexible for company needs and reducing reliance on staff.
  • Enabling Modern Desktop by repackage existing/classic apps to modern formats.
For more technical details regarding Packaging see the Packaging detail page.

Capture Testing

Create a faster, better testing process

Create a 40% – 50% time saving when automating your testing processes through a multitude of means including automated, interactive, and performance testing. Product owners can self-service a Virtual Machine (VM) within the correct parameters, test, and re-test on different platform types, sign off apps quicker and easier, and report on 100’s different performance counters or metrics.
  • QA-Testing (Non-Functional Testing)
  • Interactive Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing
To find out how each testing is performed see the Testing detail page.

Capture Publishing

Deploy apps with confidence

  • Ability to deploy an app to a new production environment in a controlled fashion utilising our best-in-class, API-driven automation.
  • Dramatically increase speed of publishing in comparison to old-fashioned methods.
  • On demand publishing – publishing in real time.
  • Centralise products to a multitude of deployment systems, and target the correct user group, or machines, to carry out publishing with confidence.
More technical information on the Publishing detail page.

What our customers have to say

Due to the products API-driven automation we had flexibility to use only what we needed. Our resource optimisation and time saving were phenomenal.

Large Management Consultancy
App Packaging & Testing Manager

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